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Akasha Enterprises is a software solution provider and consultancy services company based in Bangalore, India. Established in 2011, offers solutions and services allowing industries to gain a competitive edge for better productivity, quality, and profitability. Sustainability development, carbon footprint & energy reduction, productivity & yield improvements and performance optimization are focus areas of all our operations and services. Simulation & Modeling, Training Simulators, Drone Mapping & Sensing, Sensor based Monitoring, Process and Machine Monitoring and innovative connectivity solution prototyping are our primary focus areas.

Akasha Enterprises collaborates with world-leading technology ecosystem providers and offer the best product and services to customers. We engage with highly experienced engineers, subject matter experts, integrators, and marketing professional, for delivery of products and services. Understanding of customers, industries, specific requirements and current technologies enables us to provide better quality service.



Metals and Mining . Manufacturing . Construction . Oil and Gas . Process and Chemicals . Agriculture and FMCG. Automotive and Transportation . Power and Utilities . Government



  • R & D support to industries and institutions
  • Simulation, modeling, analytics, and validation support
  • Sensor based solutions for monitoring Mining/ Mineral processing sector, Critical Infrastructures, Agriculture & Food industry, and other industries
  • Custom solution design and deployment based on Industry proven products
  • Consultation support from highly experienced industry experts
  • Sale and support of internationally reputed and industry proven products
  • Customized training for customer specific requirements



TATA Steel, TATA Steel Mining, Hindustan Zinc Ltd, MECON, National Metallugical Laboratory, M N Dastur, CMTI