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Mobatec Modeller - "Modelling Made Easy"

Mobatec Modeller is a clear and easy to use software tool that lets model builders construct dynamic (and steady-state) process models of any size in an amazingly short time - from single units to entire processing plants (resulting in more than 50.000 equations). Even beginning users can relatively quickly setup rather complex models that are transparent for others without much documentation.

Process models can be used in a wide variety of application areas. They can, for example, be useful for Process Design, Process Analysis, Process Optimisation, Troubleshooting, Process Control and Diagnosis, Real-Time (Training) Simulations, Operator Training Simulators or Environmental Impact Assessments.

The Mobatec Modeller features:

  • Equation/system based, mass and energy balances for free
  • High modelling flexibility-easy to change
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Easy model initialisation
  • Easy extendable libraries for predefined unit operations
  • Mobatec Modeller can make input for several other problem solver tools, such as Aspen Custom Modeler, gProms, Matlab, e-Modeler, Modelica, or any other DAE solver.
  • Modelling of reactive systems, systems with multiple phases and/or phase changes, definition of repetitive structures,
    information systems (control).
  • Automatic species distribution and balance equation generation.
  • Mobatec Modeller supports an open model structure in which all used equations can always be viewed and edited.
  • Easily extendable databases for equations, variables, species and reactions. All used equations only have to be defined once.
  • Consistency checks. The program checks on the consistency of the defined equations and provides accurate feedback on what part of the model is not properly defined.
  • Mobatec Modeller can act as an OPC Server as well as an OPC Client.

 Why use the Mobatec Modeler

  • Less time spent building models
  • Simply built better models, provides better process representation
  • Dynamic modeling is the future

 Mobatec Modeller “the competitive edge”

  • Equation based modeling and flowsheeting integrated in one tool
  • Model topology method provides easy to build/read/change/maintain models
  • Use the Mobatec way of modeling and you simply don’t want anything else anymore