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We offer services that helps organizations to design, enhance, and optimize their process using simulation and modeling tools.

Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Specialty chemicals industry

  • Process modeling of any type of chemical process.
  • Operator training simulator for both panel and field operators in the process industry.

Mining and Mineral Processing

  • Process development, feasibility studies
  • Material, energy and CO2 balance
  • Throughput increase and reduction in environmental impact.
  • Expert systems involving software and sensors for optimization of mineral circuits.


  • Twin screw extrusion simulation and optimization
  • 3D CFD mixing and extrusion simulation with particle tracking and flow analysis
  • Pressure vessel and mixing vessel design.

Industrial Analytics

Akasha Enterprises offers industrial analytics, management, and business solutions for companies who are willing to gather insights into all their assets which includes static/rotatory machines, automotive and critical equipment used in mining, manufacturing, power and process plants. We use the insights to manage them properly without impacting their productivity, availability or up-time.


  • Introducing niche technologies for industries from demo/presentation to PO processing.
  • Customization of technology for customer needs and integrations.
  • Training, tracking, upgrades, and maintenance supports.