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We offer services that helps organizations to design, enhance, and optimize their process using simulation and modeling tools.

Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Specialty chemicals industry

  • Process modeling of any type of chemical process.
  • Operator training simulator for both panel and field operators in the process industry.

Mining and Mineral Processing

  • Process development, feasibility studies
  • Material, energy and CObalance
  • Throughput increase and reduction in environmental impact.
  • Expert systems involving software and sensors for optimization of mineral circuits.


  • Twin screw extrusion simulation and optimization
  • 3D CFD mixing and extrusion simulation with particle tracking and flow analysis
  • Pressure vessel and mixing vessel design.


We provide smart enabled and intelligent solutions for process manufacturing (continuous, batch, and discrete) industries and other industrial sectors like critical infrastructure, utilities, agriculture and governance enabling industries to stay connected with latest technologies for digital transformation by availing benefits for:

  • actionable insights for proper decision making
  • improvising existing process
  • improve productivity
  • wastage and carbon footprint reduction
  • avoiding process and system degradation
  • better process and resource utilization
  • proper process visibility
  • fail-safe operation and reliability
  • better cost improvement

Using best intelligent solutions available in the market (either proprietary or open source), Akasha Enterprises provides following services:

KPI Dashboards {TEEP, OEE, OOE, and other custom parameters)

Operational intelligence and real-time dashboards for displaying KPIs (OEE, OOE, TEEP, etc) & derived parameters of process or machines with machine-learning to identify the factors influencing performance metrics.

Virtual Sensor and Predictive Model

Assistance and capability to build machine-learning models for predicting failures (predictive maintenance) and product quality issues (virtual sensors) with integration to production or plant operations.

Anomaly Detection

About 80% of downtime issues are caused due to unforeseen and process related. Our anomaly detection solution will be able to detect unsual patterns and behaviours of sensor data  and abnormal control software operations. Solution informs condition of assets without informations of issues occured in past.

Maintenance, Relability, and Asset Management

Comprehensive software solution with supports for Asset Management, Continuous Maintenance (PdM, Predictive Maintenance), and Reliability 


Digital Twin

Digital twin technologies helps in better process or system visibility for proper decision making. Supports are offered for implementing digital twin of existing process or machines with use of best of machine-learning and simulation techniques.


  • Introducing niche technologies for industries from demo/presentation to PO processing.
  • Customization of technology for customer needs and integrations.
  • Training, tracking, upgrades, and maintenance supports.