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Akasha Enterprises offers industrial analytics, management, and business solutions for companies who are willing to gather insights into all their assets (static/rotatory machines, automotive, and critical equipment's used in mining or manufacturing or process plants) and manage them properly without impacting their productivity, availability or uptime.

Our solution and service offering includes:

Using the latest analytics techniques, forewarning asset failure by analyzing anomalies and reduce asset downtime.

Using machine or deep learning techniques and asset performance knowledge, modelling to estimate the remaining useful life (RUL), End-of-Run and End-of-Cycle time.

Reducing the manual efforts of existing tasks such as above by automating the asset health monitoring with remote capabilities and detailed issues display.

Embedding analytics for remote diagnostics and prognostics capabilities of asset.

Integration of asset analytics to ERP and other white label business systems.

Solution to manage assets life cycle (EAM, CMMS) by properly managing assets, reducing risks, preventing costly and unproductive  down times, improving quality and reliability, saving inventory stocks for spares and improving organizational assets ROI.

Solution to manage laboratory information (LIMS) for tracking specimens and workflows, data aggregation for research and BI, regulation compliance and scale up data export.


Akasha Enterprises offers industrial analytics solutions for companies who are willing to gather insights into all their process, operations, manufacturing and business data (oil wells and refineries, gas and chemical plants, manufacturing plants, automotive and financial related) and improve  organization business for productivity, quality, performance and services.

Our solution and service offering includes:

Performing industrial analytics (with remote capability, real time) by gathering data from a variety of data sources and monitor the processes or systems for productivity, quality and performance impacts.

Investigation of performance impacts or deviations and operation behavior study with report generation and sharing capability.

Monitoring and improvement of following performance impacts: OEE, energy efficiencies, batch yields, safety, availability, revenue recovery, wastage reduction and environmental compliance.

Reference profiling generation.

Mathematical and predictive modelling for better visibility of actual process and predicting future behaviors.

Upstream/downstream data integration and lab to production scale-ups.

Automating existing manual tasks and thereby achieving a drastic time reduction in industrial analytics efforts.

System or process monitoring parameter or KPI dashboard generation.

Integration of process or system analytics to ERP or other white label applications.


We offer services that helps organizations to design, enhance, and optimize their process using simulation and modeling tools.

Using simulation and modeling tools, following services are offered:

Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Specialty chemicals industry

Process modeling of any type of chemical process.

Operator training simulator for both panel and field operators in the process industry.

Mining and Mineral Processing

Process development, feasibility studies

Material, energy and CO2 balance

Throughput increase and reduction in environmental impact.

Expert systems involving software and sensors for optimization of mineral circuits.


Twin screw extrusion simulation and optimization

3D CFD mixing and extrusion simulation with particle tracking and flow analysis

Rock and soil engineering modelling

Pressure vessel and mixing vessel design.


We offer services for the following:

System modeling and validation in the following domains: automotive subsystems, high performance and safety critical systems.

Design and prototyping of innovative solutions for customer requirements using machine learning and deep learning, sensor fusion and connectivity technologies. Also includes for modelling and improving existing solutions.

Custom industrial system design.