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We offer services that helps organizations to design, enhance, and optimize their process using simulation and modeling tools.

Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Specialty chemicals industry

  • Process modeling of any type of chemical process.
  • Operator training simulator for both panel and field operators in the process industry.

Mining and Mineral Processing

  • Process development, feasibility studies
  • Material, energy and CO2 balance
  • Throughput increase and reduction in environmental impact.
  • Expert systems involving software and sensors for optimization of mineral circuits.


  • Twin screw extrusion simulation and optimization
  • 3D CFD mixing and extrusion simulation with particle tracking and flow analysis
  • Rock and soil engineering modelling
  • Pressure vessel and mixing vessel design.


Akasha Enterprises offers industrial analytics, management, and business solutions for companies who are willing to gather insights into all their assets which includes static/rotatory machines, automotive and critical equipment used in mining, manufacturing, power and process plants. We use the insights to manage them properly without impacting their productivity, availability or up-time.



  • Provide solutions for user requirements in [Remote] Assets Monitoring & Control, for all applicable industry verticals

  • Design and prototyping of Internet of Things [Industrial] for user specific requirements.

  • Analytics engine support, using Machine/Deep Learning, Prediction, Forecasting, and Tracking technologies.

  • KPIs/dashboards and report generations with analytics capabilities for company requirements.

  • User scenario simulations and AR/VR for scientific, industrial, and military requirements.

  • Development for user specific commercial or enterprise-wide based web applications (PWA, native)

  • Full stack web developments or partial [front-end/back-end] for customer requirements.

  • Hassle-free automated applications tailored to customer requirements for improving productivity, better resource utilization, and cost-effective.

  • Custom application developments in Retail & On-demand, Logistics, Learning Management, Collaborative Management, and Occupancy Management.

  • Developments for following capabilities: Progressive Web App [PWA], Native App, Computer Vision, Voice interfacing, Tracking, Maps, Storage, and VR.

  • System design and development based on COTS and 3rd party hardware/devices (No in-house system/hardware developments except for PoC or prototyping purpose).



With Electromagnetic Simulation software we offer the following Low Frequency and High Frequency Electromagnetic consulting.

  • We address design and simulation of high frequency systems found in radars, communication systems, IOT products, antennas and low frequency systems found in microwave, SARS, induction heating, motors, sensors, actuators etc.



  • Introducing niche technologies for industries from demo/presentation to PO processing.

  • Customization of technology for customer needs and integrations.

  • Training, tracking, upgrades, and maintenance supports.