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XimeX® - mixing and extrusion simulation


The XimeX software is a powerful CFD (Computational Fluids Dynamics) 3D software dedicated to the mixing and extrusion processes.

The target : quantifying the mixing efficiency of the industrial processes

 The XimeX® aim is optimizing the complex industrial processes dedicated to extrusion and mixing of materials.

XimeX® handles all kind of processes and geometries :
  • Continuous mixers : extruders, static mixers...
  • Batch mixers : planetary mixers...

Ximex analysis - a two step approach

  • Material Flow Analysis providing the therm-mechanical values.
  • Particle Tracking based on material flow analysis.
This functionality allows statistical analysis aimed at quantifying the mixing efficiency of the industrial processes.

Mesh immersion technique - handles all configurations.

Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Food, Plastics, Chemicals, Concrete, Minerals...

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